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Hans Herrmann.
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Christian Geistdörfer und Walter Röhrl
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The manufactory

These days products are mainly realised as uniform mass-produced-goods. We, the Figurenmanufaktur decided to take a different path, we created a valuable product that attracts high interest. Our models have the ability to fill a scene with life.

We are a team of specialists in our field of expertise.

The production is carried out with the latest high-tech machinary and technology. This way we can guarantee a high level of accuracy. The models are hand-made and hand-painted.
A concept turns into a 3dimensional artwork.

Our range of products is constantly expanding. We will endevour to meet our customer ´s special needs and requests.

Be inspired by our perfect workmanship and experience the result:

Miniature artwork - Made in Germany!

Please contact us for any further questions and suggestions!


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